Monday, October 4, 2010

The Weekend News

This weekend we took a little time to explore around home. We had a busy week with Ian turning nine years old, Elise being in the midst of potty training, Gabe attending a birthday party and getting ready for his own, and Avery enjoying another Rainbow Girls event. So, we stayed close to home and did a bit of garden work, trimming hedges, mowing, weeding, and sweeping and raking all the leaves that are quickly falling off the trees here.

On Sunday we attended our first Communion service here at Newtownbreda Presbyterian church. It was a different experience, luckily the lady behind us clued us into what the procedure was otherwise Cam and I wouldn't have been served communion. We had to fill out a "token" which is a card with your name and details on it in order to be passed the elements. We are quickly finding out the "routines" here, many times we giggle ourselves through it.

That afternoon we went to the Ulster Museum. This was a great experience and well worth our time. The kids absolutely loved it as they used a map to find items throughout the museum and then placed a sticker on the item on the map when they found it. It kept them entertained and watchful for the Edmontosaurus Dinosaur, the gold winged lizard, St. Patrick's regalia, Takabuti (a real Egyptian mummy), different pieces of artwork, a butterfly exhibit, and much more. There is a Welcome Zone, a History Zone which explains much of the Troubles, a Nature Zone, an Art Zone, and a window on Our World. The best part was that the admission was free. We will definitely be back.


  1. I like the idea of sticking close to home, lots get done that way. Sounds like you were quite busy and I love hearing how the children and you are adjusting. Happy birthday to Ian...And Gabe attending a friends' party. How fun is that.
    The museum sounds so exciting.

  2. Always look forward to your next adventure!!! Miss you and tell Gabe I'll be sending you a picture of his marigolds...they are gorgeous!

  3. Kim,

    Gabe got the pics of the marigolds! Wow they are amazing. He was pretty proud of them. Thanks for taking good care of his babies. :-)

  4. That is so sweet!!! Miss you all and thanks for the reply.