Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mid-Term Break

This week the kids and Cam have the whole week off of school. So, we are taking advantage of every day to find some adventure. On Monday it was a crisp, cool day with the high temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. We took off for Castle Ward which is a 30 minute drive from our house. The castle is situated on 820 acres with lots of walking trails, gardens, a farmyard, statues, historic buildings, and an adventure playland.

A view of some of the castle grounds.
The sunken garden with lots of beauty.

Huddling for warmth in front of the Classical side of the castle. Husband Ward and Wife Ward did not agree on anything including styles in which to build their new castle and so they compromised with building one side of it in the Classical style and the other side in Gothic.

The stable yard. Here is where they have a tea room, gift shop, picnic tables, benches, and offices.
The Gothic side of the castle.
Photography is not allowed inside the castle but we accidentally took one. Whoops! The kids loved seeking out the secret doors that were hidden throughout the castle. The tour guide let the kids open these doors and led us on. Avery decided she did not want to live in this castle because the kids could not come down from the nursery wing and had to blow kisses to their mom and dad through the stairwell. No bedtime stories and snuggle times with mommies and daddies seems so cruel. The girls had to be taught upstairs with a governess and the boys would get a chance to go to a boarding school at the age of six. The Ward kids would also perform music pieces for the adults after dinner. So, the Quinlan boys decided they didn't like that idea either. So, the kids have firmly decided they like living in the 21st century, even if we don't have secret doors in our house.

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