Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carrickfergus Castle

On Wednesday we drove 20 miles north to Carrickfergus where we toured a castle that was over 800 years old. The castle's history was steeped in many battles by the Scots, Irish, English, and French. It also served as an air raid shelter for the townspeople of Carrickfergus during WW II.
The Gatehouse where you could easily be attacked and trapped if you were a foe. You could have slops or hot tar poured from an opening above the portcullis.
Soldiers defending the castle against the French in 1760!

Inside the Banquet Hall. The gold boat was filled with salt and a status symbol. The more salt the richer you were.
The Courtyard where a statue of John de Courcy is depicted. He built the first part of the castle in 1177.
The Sea Tower. The towers allowed archers to protect the areas closest to the castle walls. It also housed the castle's prison.

Ready, Set, Fire!

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  1. You have posed the kiddos in the greatest ways! I continue to marvel at your life across the sea!