Saturday, October 16, 2010

Streamvale Farm

We are homesick for the pumpkin patches and farms in Oregon. We haven't see the likes of a pumpkin growing in a field here in Belfast. So, we thought maybe visiting a local farm may bring us a pumpkin or two. No luck, but we found some great fun!

We saw lots of farm animals: chickens, ducks, cows, ponies, a sow and her piglets, puppies, a donkey, goats, mice, chicks, long hair steer, guinea pigs, and more.

The highlight was the barrel ride. The barrels were tied together and the kids sat in a little seat and the whole train was pulled by a 4 wheeler.

Sliding down a hay mound. The boys loved climbing underneath the hidden tunnel under the slides.

Enjoying the tractor rides!


  1. What a grand day in the country. It may not be home, but it looks like a great find.

  2. There has to be a squash out there somewhere!! Paint it orange and pretend! :) You are keeping the troop going..birthday parties, church and outings! What a time this is for you..I'll probably say that often! :) We had untalent night at church last night..and it lived up to its name! I'm not sure who was the funniest but seeing Tim Gil..dressed and acting as a chicken was awfully funny!
    Have a good week!! We miss you all!