Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exploris: The Northern Ireland Aquarium

Yesterday we went to an aquarium located in Portaferry. It is about a 20 minute drive from Belfast along the Strangford Lough. It's a beautiful drive especially during the change of the season. The highlight for the kids was the touch tank in which they got to feel a manta ray, a sea urchin, a scallop, a starfish, and a dogfish. Ian was delighted by the scallop's antics. While he was holding the scallop it decided to snap shut, spraying Elise with sea water. Elise wasn't so enthused by this new sea creature. I don't blame her. The aquarium rescues baby seals who have been orphaned or hurt in some way. Currently they have six baby seals all in their little hospital pens. They were adorable and fun to watch as they begged for their food. We had a great day and enjoyed our time looking at the open sea tank, the kelp community, the sand harbor, the jelly fish, the wave tank, and the Causeway tank.

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