Friday, August 13, 2010

Shopping Trolleys

Here are some of our latest adventures in grocery shopping. We have been trying different grocery stores around to find out the best prices and a little bigger quantities for our family. It has been a bit of a challenge as you can imagine because there are no Costcos here nor are the fridges big enough to hold any of that quantity of food. Our latest find is Tesco. Which seems to be a better bargain. As we got ready to grab our cart and go we realized that they were all chained together. We tried every button but couldn't figure out how to get them apart. Finally a native came up and put a pound in the little slot and pulled her chain off. So, the shopping trolleys take a pound deposit and then when you return the cart you get your pound back. Very clever. I thought I would try baking corn bread for dinner one night. I looked high and low for corn meal with no luck. So, I asked the clerk who looked at me like I had two heads. "Never heard of corn meal, or corn bread," she said. So, I guess we won't be having corn bread. :-)


  1. Are you having trouble understanding their accent and phrases? I'd love for you to keep track of their phrases and share those from time to time.

  2. I heard about the Tesco markets. That is where we are supposed to get our phone when we arrive!?