Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Look Through the Wardrobe

Today, I felt a little like Lucy looking through a wardrobe, but I got to see into the world of C.S. Lewis. His birthplace is only 5 miles from where we are staying. This statue is in front of Holywood Road Library. It shows C.S. Lewis peeking into the wardrobe, the gateway into Narnia.

"From the crest of the Holywood Hills, the boys would see THE MOURNE MOUNTAINS in the distance. Warren believed that his brother drew greatly on the County Down landscape, and the Mourne Mountains in particular, in creating the magical country of NARNIA."

Centenary Statue

This is St. Mark's where C.S. Lewis grandfather was the first Rector.

On 29th January 1899, Rev Thomas Hamilton baptised his grandson CLIVE STAPLES LEWIS at the font to the west end of the church.

Baptism Entry

In 1905 Albert Lewis built LITTLE LEA on the outskirts of Belfast.
"The new house seemed more like a city to young Jacks. He would write that the house - with its long corridors, empty sunlit rooms, indoor silences, attics and gurgling noises through cisterns and pipes - was almost a major character in his life's story. "


  1. What a wonderful post. From this day forward you will never see C S Lewis in the same way you have previously. And his books will be viewed differently as well. Each post entices me even more to pray passionately about a visit, just seeing all your faces.

  2. Lynne,

    I can't wait to share all the treasures I have found here in Ireland with you. I am praying! Hopefully, there will be a way...