Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New To Us..

The sport of hurling and can anyone translate this sign??


  1. Since I take Sadie for a walk everyday and when in a public place must carry a little plastic bag, I'm guessing that means, "take what your doggie deposits with you" or "leave no surprises!"

  2. It is going to be so much fun to learn all the new ways to describe things! Even though it's English, it's not really, hah! You should keep a list of phrases and words that you hear and the would be fun to read about.
    Thrilled and excited for all the life you have a head for you. Exciting times. Lots of prayers and love to you all!!

  3. Are you sure that doesn't say No DOUG fouling?

  4. A pitch is a soccer field. So it means they can't "go" on the soccer field. Funny play on words.

    I'm really enjoying reading your blog!
    Diana (via Grandma's computer)