Monday, September 13, 2010

Trip up to the North Coast

This past weekend we made a trip north with Cam's parents and Uncle and Aunt. There is nothing like seeing familiar faces when you have been in a strange country for over a month. The kids were besides themselves with excitement to see Papa, Nanny, Uncle Paul, and Aunt Kathy. Elise ran around in circles screaming with excitement for the first five minutes after seeing them for the first time. We thoroughly were spoiled and enjoyed every minute of this weekend with them. We headed up the coast from Belfast and took every scenic route possible, I think. This road that you see is not suitable for coaches (buses) or anything bigger than a 7 seater van! It was incredibly narrow, it looked like a one lane road when in Irish reality its a 2-way street.

We stopped at a town around Cushendall and had lunch. At the intersection of this little village was a goat tied to a statue of a goat. A memorial to those animals who didn't make it through the hoof and mouth outbreak. The kids loved petting him although when Ian fed his apple to the goat and Elise was certain the goat shouldn't eat people food she nearly got head butted out of Ireland!

The scenic view along the coast. Pictures can't do it justic.

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