Friday, September 10, 2010

Suffering Produces Perseverance, Right?

Ok, it wouldn't be real if I didn't express the joys along with the frustrations. The weather has been a little unpredictable this week. On Monday, we were not prepared for the gusty winds that carried the rain sideways straight through every piece of clothing we had on. By the time our 15 minute walk was over to school, we all had puddles in our shoes and our hair plastered to our faces. The umbrellas were really useless. So, the next day we bought a few items so that we could face the next battle with a little more success. Of course, the next day was bright and sunny and no need for anything but a light jacket. Today, was a different story, with rain and light breezes. Now, all mothers know it's quit a feat just to get four kids up and ready for school without many hitches but to add rain gear on top of it all certainly adds 10 more minutes to our preparations and a little more tension. Elise was excited to be in her little bubble and was by far the driest and warmest today. The rest of us still have to adjust. I now know why knee high socks are so fashionable here, out of necessity. By the time I reached the "hill" we walk up both of my ankle socks were in balls at the end of my "wellies". Avery's umbrella refused to cooperate and finally she just held it inside out walking underneath what little shelter it provided. Her hair was in tangles by the time we got to school and tangles it will stay. Our "trousers" and jackets were soaked. So, back to the store for more "proper" rain gear. I hope by December we will develop a little perseverance through all the weather until then I keep repeating Romans 5:3-5 to myself.

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  1. Hi Iva! I've just spent some time catching up with you and the family. It sounds like rain gear is important! The kids look adorable in their smart!
    May this next week be warm and filled with sunshine!! Take a ferry ride on one of those days. :) God Bless!!