Monday, September 13, 2010

Dunluce Castle

In it's glory days the Dunluce Castle used to be a magnificent sight. It has a tumultuous history with lots of different lords fighting to gain ownership of this land and estate. It was built right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. In 1639, while the second Earl and his Countess were here, part of the castle including the kitchens fell into the sea; seven cooks went with the kitchens. We had fun exploring all the nooks and crannies.

While we were visiting there happened to be an archery demonstration. They also shot a musket riffle. The kids loved watching.


  1. I am just amazed at the rich history you and the kids are able to see, touch and learn about. Don't be's raining today! You'll be home in no time and there will be plenty to catch up on. We are living a little bit of Ireland through your posts. Thank you sooo much!! It's been a bad garden year! Even the pumpkins are small.
    Say "Hi" to the kiddos!!

  2. Each view is a postcard!!! The kids look so grown is school going for them? Love all the stories and posts...thanks for keeping it up! Miss you and Hi to all of you!

  3. Hi Iva and family, I just now discovered your blog and am thrilled to see and read all about your fantastic adventures. How beautiful and green Ireland is, it truly shows in your pictures.
    I can feel your JOY at discovering all these wonderful places with its history. You're like a kid all over again, aren't you?
    I will so enjoy checking in with you and as you can see I have my own blog. Stop in some time.
    All my love, Ragna