Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School

Bitter Sweet! The life of a mother has so many moments of "holdings and letting gos". This morning was one of the "letting go" moments and it was so hard. Ian, Gabe, and Avery were so brave as they entered into a new school in a new land. Mommy on the other hand was in tears before they were. :-)

Our little caravan leaving for school. Chris, our neighbor, helped lead the way while Ian rode his bike and Gabe, Avery, Elise, and I walked.

The streets were well traveled by other students walking or riding bikes to school all in their uniforms. It was so cool.

Avery's first, first day of school. Waiting in the school yard for her teacher to pick up their class.


  1. Your kids just look so grown up in all those pictures! Where does the time go!?!


  2. Well, Iva, another new beginning for you all. Hold on tight, this next year will be an amazing adventure and go by very quickly. You won't want to miss a thing that God has in store for you all. I'm holding you all close to my heart. LOVE and Blessings every day, Lynne

  3. I can't wait to hear how school is going for the kids and for Cam. Hopefully I'll e-mail soon. Thanks for posting so many great photos. You're amazing! Blessings and prayers, sweet friend. Sandi

  4. Thanks for the continued diary of your life....miss you!

  5. Hi,
    Everyone here checked this out. Molly is still trying to get to skype so she can communicate.
    Not working on my computer. Miss you all.