Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pony Rides

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to spend time with Anne Marie's (our exchange partner) family. They have a beautiful home with a georgeous view of the Mourne Mountians. They also keep horses much to my kids' delight. We took a walk through the forest while the kids took turns riding the pony. Avery, was a natural. She thinks she wants a horse now!
Elise wasn't too sure about it at first and then warmed up and enjoyed it.
Ian jumped on and was away...
Gabe "negotiating" whether he should attempt a ride on the pony or not. He was making a "deal".
Throwing rocks in the river.
The outcome of Gabe's negotiations. "If you ride the pony...I will ride the pony."
Sucess! We had a lovely time.

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