Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Castlewellen Forest Park

This past Saturday we spent the day at Castlewellen, a park where there are campsites, hiking trails, picnic spots, and a castle used for conferences and weddings. We spent it with our good friends, Simon, Deborah, Callum, and Lewis. We have gotten to know them through church and Deborah participated in the Fulbright teacher exchange a couple of years ago. So, we've had lots of similar experiences to share.
We've been blessed by their friendship and willingness to show us more of their beautiful country. The kids get along well and loved hiking around the lake which included climbing trees, throwing rocks, watching Molly (the dog) swim, and goofy joke telling.
I think the highlight for the kids was rolling down this big hill and it only started to rain as soon as we were done with our hike and on our way back up to the car park. We finished the day off with a BBQ. A perfect day.

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