Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Break-Day 1

Belfast to Cork

We got a chance to explore a bit more of Ireland as the island was celebrating Easter. The kids got two weeks off from school and Cam was off also. So, we drove as far south as we could and then headed back up the west coast of Ireland.

The weather was amazing for our trip and the whole island is still amazed at how warm and sunny it has been. Warm is 55 to 60 degrees here, hot is 65 degrees. We made our way from Belfast to Cork ( a 5 hour drive) with a stop at Kilkenny Castle. We took a short walking tour of the castle with the highlight being the family-portrait gallery and the gardens.
It was so warm (at least 63 degrees) that we couldn't resist splurging on ice-cream cones from the ice-cream vender. We hopped back into the car and drove the rest of the way to our hotel outside of Cork in Little Island. The Raddison hotel was a perfect location for us and for our exploring plus it had a great pool where we all went swimming an hour every morning.

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