Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Trek

Our English Christmas
On Christmas Eve day we set out on our journey for a traditional English Christmas. It started with a ferry ride from Belfast to Stranraer, Scotland. The ferry ride took 2 hours through calm, cold, and clear waters.
The kids and I were very excited to be on our first "big" boat adventure. We were amazed at the size and the many activities to do. The ferry had a kids' fun center with slides, movies, computer games, arcade games, etc. The two hours flew by quickly. We then had a six hour drive to a little town in Twyford, England where we were to meet the Ingram family for the first time. Well, the kids and I were to meet them for the first time. When Cam's family were in England doing the same exchange program in the '80s they meet the Ingrams and a friendship was born. We arrived late on Christmas Eve to a "magical" home filled with all things little children love: rooms to explore, outdoors to venture, animals to love, snow to throw, food a plenty, and a welcome full of love and acceptance.
We stayed with the Ingram family for four short days. The kids got to do the animal chores, feeding the chickens, scooping up poop, driving to the muck pile in the back of the pick up truck, giving water and feed to the horse, and following Alison wherever she went. They played hide-n-seek, made new friends with the family, and opened presents. It was such a blessing. All the while I got a chance to rest from a dreadful cold which left me with little to no voice. We all have memories that will last a life time.
It truely was a magical English Christmas.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity you eperienced to share Christmas with the Ingrams & to enjoy it as they do in England! Wonderful..hopefully you will meet people and build relationships that will last a lifetime! Blessings on your sweet family. I love reading your posts and enjoying all your experiences!

  2. I am so glad you had such a magical English Christmas. What wonderful people the Ingram's must be, and how great to have them in your lives. Must have been heartwarming for Cam to introduce you all to his "old" friends.