Sunday, December 5, 2010

Floral Art Demonstration

This weekend the ladies at the church where we have been attending put on a Christmas event. A man by the name of Alan Beatty came to demonstrate a Christmas theme through flowers. His theme Candle, Crib, and Carol centered on the true meaning of Christmas. The stage started as an empty slate and ended with a beautiful array of assorted arrangements. It was a magical evening watching simple, elegant flowers and plants come alive as they were put together in artistic ways that brought the meaning of Christmas to the forefront. This first arrangement has a base of a wicker crib and then arrayed on top was the star of Bethlehem and Joseph and Mary looking upon the crib.

Alan is assembling the first of the arrangements. While he arranges he often stops to tell the significance to a flower or plant. At times he would tell a story or let the music of carols play as he worked.

At the end of the show the pieces where auctioned off to the highest bidder and the money went to the Halls Redevelopment fund for the church.

This piece was one of my favorites. At the top of the stand is a holly ball. It is a circular oasis covered in smooth holly leaves with red stick pens inserted around the holly leaves to make it look like the berries. It was so simple and yet elegantly done.
The Three Magi

The two flower stands on the sides symbolized the "glitz" in Christmas and how sometimes we can lose our focus off of the true meaning of the celebration. The centerpiece was done to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer playing in the background.

Thanks to Simon for taking these beautiful pictures for me to use.
The evening ended with a light "supper" which in Northern Ireland means tea, coffee, tea sandwiches, and goodies.

A great way to start our Christmas season.


  1. This is fantastic. What a talent and what an evening of stories pointing to Christ, as the beauty unfolds.
    Sounds like your church has lots to offer. Wouldn't it be incredible if someone took this on at CAC?

  2. I hope that Julene gets a chance to look at all of these arrangements...what a cool idea. So happy you are connecting in with the ladies of the church. You have so much to offer them...we miss you!