Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scrabo Tower

Here are some views from up top of Scrabo Hill. This area overlooks the Strangford Lough and on clear days you can see Scotland and the Isle of Man. The word Scrabo is said to come from the Gaelic words for cow pasture. There is evidence of what used to be a Dominician monastic estate on the hill. The tower was made as a monument for a well known and respected Marquis in 1857.

After the tower was built, William McKay, a foreman at the quarry lived there with his wife and eight children! The tower stayed in their family for 100 years where they ran a very popular tea room. It is now a part of the Country Park for Northern Ireland.
There were many trails around the hill which gave us breathtaking views of the countryside.


  1. Iva, Thanks for including yourself as a follower of my blog. That made my heart feel so warm.
    I loved the last pictures of the hills and views of Ireland...
    Looking at the working land of the Irish farmers is gratifying....
    Also, loved the precious post of the church in Belfast. Thanks for all the historical facts, this will be an amazing travel log for you and your family.
    Sending you love and warm greetings. May you bask in the Love of Christ.

  2. This looks like a wonderful day and outing for your family. I even see the sun out in the pictures..... Can you imagine living in the tower?