Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Feast

After school we started our preparation for our dinner. We found a little turkey crown that fit perfectly into our oven. Our menu included turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, corn bread muffins, dinner rolls, corn, and cole slaw. Then we ended with pumpkin pie with whipping cream.

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without family. This Thanksgiving we are so thankful for technology! So, even though we are thousands of miles away from family we got a chance to skype and wish our families, "Happy Thanksgiving." What a blessing!

We were also blessed to have a co-worker of Cam's who teaches sciences at St. Lousie's who happens to be an American citizen as well as Irish join us in our celebrations. It has been awhile since she has had a Thanksgiving dinner. The kids especially loved having Deirdre over and welcomed all the attention that she gave them. We are blessed to have these experiences here in Northern Ireland and even though it feels different to celebrate the Holidays without the friends and family that normally surround us we feel God's love as He cares and provides for us in a strange land.


  1. This looks so cozy. I am glad that you had a good holiday and even enjoyed the guest coming to share. We have so much to celebrate, but mostly looking forward to the celebration feasts together in heaven. Can you imagine Dave saying "Please pass the heavenly potatoes." to Cam?

  2. hee hee! I can't wait for the heavenly banquet! What a feast that will be!