Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Break-Day 7

Heather Cottage and Coastlines of Donegal

Here is the cottage that we stayed in while we were in Donegal. It was the best spot and perfect for our family. The owners own a bit of land and do some farming on it. They have a home on the top of the property and then built this cottage to rent out about 1/4 mile away. We were sitting in a sheltered valley with the pastures around us. They had some cows and chickens. The kids got a chance to feed the cows and take in the chickens for the night. This was one of their highlights. We even received fresh farm eggs for our breakfast. It was a blessing to this mommy's soul to be in the country again.
This is the view from the sun room.
While the sun was still out we grabbed the chance to explore the beaches. We stopped at Marble Hill and the kids had to jump the waves. The ocean water was freezing and I don't know how the kids' toes didn't get hypothermia but they loved every minute.
Every two year old's dream, getting wet and dirty!
We did some more driving around the countryside. This is a very typical "look" for Donegal.
We drove around the "Bloody Foreland", named that after the shade of red that heather turns at sunset. There were many rock walls like these and forgotten farms along the rugged coastline.

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