Monday, March 28, 2011

Tollymore Forest Park

Through a recommendation of some friends we found another treasure in Ireland. Tollymore Forest park is found in the Mournes Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are two rivers that join together in the park, 16 bridges varying in age from 1726 to present day, two hills that offer stunning views from the top, a hermitage, and camping sites.
We took our time and walked through part of the River trail. I think that we walked about three miles.
Having a walking stick makes the walk so much more adventurous!
The kids were thrilled to have a chance to throw rocks into the clear river water. I am pretty sure they scared all the fish and had fun getting themselves and each other wet.

The hermitage is a stone structure that was built in the 1770s by James Hamilton. When the ladies of the day needed shelter, while the gentlemen fished they would sit in it for shelter.

More of the natural beauty. The stone bridges were just amazing set against the backdrop of God's Almighty Artwork!

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