Monday, February 21, 2011

Dublin Day 4

The National Leprechaun Museum. We stepped into another world as we entered into the magical tunnel that made us small as a leprechaun. We learned what life was like through the eyes of these mischievous creatures and learned all about the myths and stories that surround them.

Ian was a bit thirsty and having lots of fun.
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and where our "expert" on leprechauns told us some more interesting stories on the life of a leprechaun.
At the end of the tour the kids got to create their own pictures out of the stories that they heard and they got posted in the frames on the wall of the museum.
Cam's a fan of U2 and as we were staying in the B&B, we found out we were only a 5 minutes drive from one of Bono's residences. So, we went on a hunt to try and find the famous singer's house, well his gate anyway. We didn't get to see much of the house.

U2's recording studio. While we were driving around trying to find this place we obviously looked lost because a van pulled up beside us and asked us to roll down our window. The nice Irishman asked us where we were trying to get to because obviously we didn't know. When we told him we were looking for the U2 recording studio, he said to follow him and he would show us the way. Then when we got to a point in the road where he had to split, he jumped out of his van in the middle of the busy carriageway, and pointed out which direction we were suppose to head. He was great! One of my favorite stories of the trip. We have found the Irish to be very friendly and ever ready to help.

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