Thursday, January 6, 2011

Enniskillen Castle and Balleek

On Tuesday, the last day of our holiday break, we took a hour and half drive to Enniskillen where we explored a 600 year old castle. In the 17th century is became an English garrison fort and was a military barrack until the mid 20th century. In one of the museums in this castle there was a little bit about the history of Belleek pottery. We didn't realize that Belleek was only a 20 minute drive down the rode. So, we piled back into the car after thoroughly exploring the castle and went to find Ireland's fine Belleek pottery factory.
The home of the Belleek Pottery Factory. They give daily tours and have the most amazing gift shop.
We took the tour through the factory and saw the craftsmen at work. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures at the work stations but we did capture a few pictures of the kids "at work" as they dipped pieces of pottery into a glaze...
....and smashed pieces that were rejected.
Gabe decided right then and there that this was the place he would work when he grows up.

Here are a couple of Belleek pieces that I couldn't pass up.


  1. How absolutely beautiful, Iva.
    I have one of the Belleek pieces as well and your story tells me I need to put it out for display..
    I see the weather is changing a little bit, and I think of you when that happens. You are often in my thoughts with much love in my heart.

  2. I can't tell you what a thrill it is to see the things you are doing! I wonder what a six hundred old castle is like....the construction must be something! Are there fireplaces in each room? The Belleek pieces you picked out are beautiful..we sure don't see those little houses over here! You will treasure them all your life!
    Yes, twins! Can you believe it? God enjoyed making these little people...and Laura is over the top! LA is precious with them....inside her mommy....and she understands that she is getting "a sister!" We don't know that but it's cute to hear her talk about the "babies!" Praise to the Father!!! Keep them in your prayers!

  3. I agree with the are certainly enjoying all that Ireland and the area has to offer. I too love your pottery choices...I haven't heard of Belleek....they are beautiful!
    Miss you and your smiling face. Glad the weather has improved and praying for you all.

  4. Thinking of you, praying for you, trusting Jesus to take care of all your needs. May God bless you and send you peace over all your house. (This is a little house blessing.)